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MadLab has branched out into the southern hemisphere! The complete range of MadLab kits is now available throughout Australia and New Zealand, in the following ways:

Schools, Science Clubs and Birthday Parties

Looking for something different? With our own special brand of MadLab kits we bring our electronics workshop to you for a very special learning experience. MadLab is a great event for school enrichment programs, science clubs, scout/guide groups, and other special interest/opportunity groups.

Science centres, museums, galleries and historic sites

The hands-on appeal and sustained focus of a MadLab workshop makes it the perfect complement to public programs run in educational venues. Run it as a visiting event for a week or a month, as an extra enticement for regular visitors; or as a regular weekly offering, to allow die-hard MadLab enthusiasts to come back again and again.

Special events

MadLab has been consistently pulling crowds at the Edinburgh International Science Festival for more than twenty years, so it's no surprise that it now features at science festivals and fun days in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. It runs on sessions or a drop-in basis, keeps participants of all ages engrossed for about an hour, and because there are so many different kits to make, people come back again and again.

Home or running your own session

Anyone with their own equipment can order MadLab kits.
Discounts for bulk purchases are available.

For local providers and Australian prices please contact Adam Selinger on 0417 690 423

? What's MadLab?

MadLab began over twenty years ago in Scotland, when two canny lads set about demystifying electronics. They designed a range of circuits that absolutely anyone could turn into a functional gadget (such as a Lie Detector, Insectoid, or Sonar Explorer -- click here for the full list of MadLab kits) given the appropriate components, a soldering iron and some friendly supervision.

Tell me more!

If you're new to the idea of MadLab, you can find out more on the MadLab UK site.

Some photographs of MadLab in Australia. Click on each thumbnail for a bigger image.


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