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The complete range of MadLab kits is available by mail order for you to build at home. You can print out an order form.

The range is divided into beginners kits which are suitable for people with only a little practice at soldering, medium kits which require a higher level of soldering skill for people who are more experienced, and advanced kits for expert constructors.

Every MadLab kit includes a professionally-manufactured printed circuit board, quality components, and full assembly instructions.

To build a MadLab kit you will need some basic tools. You'll need a soldering iron with a fine tip, some solder, a pair of wire cutters, and most importantly some safety goggles. You might also find if useful to have a solder sucker. This is indispensible if you make a mistake and need to unsolder a component.

Rapid Electronics is a good source for the equipment you will need.


Kits require a PP3 battery or AA cells except where indicated otherwise.

iron   Step-by-step guide to kit construction, soldering, and troubleshooting.

Schematics (circuits) and construction sheets for all the kits.

Source code for kits that use Microchip PIC microcontrollers.


Beginners Kits

Flashing Lights   Lie Detector
Flashing Lights - funky flashing red and green lights on a circuit board that looks like a face   Lie Detector - catch your friends out if they're lying by measuring how sweaty they are
Wonky Wire   Bagpipes
Wonky Wire - you need a steady hand to beat this old time fave game   Bagpipes - this electronic version "sounds just as bad as the real thing"
Decisions Decisions   Stop Thief!
Decisions Decisions - makes all your important decisions for you   Stop Thief! - guard your possesions with this light-activated alarm
Madlabracadabra   The Electric Telegraph
Madlabracadabra - you can perform a simple magic trick   The Electric Telegraph - practise Morse Code then send messages
1-2-3   Robotto-san (Mr. Robot)
1-2-3 - a simple game of logic in which you play against the machine   Robotto-san (Mr. Robot) - a cute little badge with flashing eyes
My Little Alien   Mr. Dog (Inu-chan)
My Little Alien - an alien with a head that lights up   Mr. Dog (Inu-chan) - a cute little dog with a flashing collar
Rudolph - flashing red nose and pipe cleaner antlers    

Medium Kits

Amoeboid   Reactometer
Amoeboid - a cute little space alien that blinks and flashes   Reactometer - a simple reaction tester that lights up
SuperSpy   Strengthometer
SuperSpy - spy on your friends and neighbours with this 'bugging' device   Strengthometer - test your strength against the Strengthometer
Mad Music Machine   Razzle Dazzler
Mad Music Machine - a tune-playing micro synthesiser   Razzle Dazzler - jewellery with a difference, it's electronic
Catch Me If You Can   The Time Machine
Catch Me If You Can - win the money if you're fast enough   The Time Machine - a talking alarm clock with the sound of a chicken
The IR-ritator   Pocket Disco
The IR-ritator - a remote control jammer to annoy TV watchers   Pocket Disco - a 'light organ' that turns sound into colours
Micro Marquee   Dawn Chorus
Micro Marquee - a badge that displays a scrolling message   Dawn Chorus - gently wake to the sweet sound of bird song
Lottomania   Whack-a-Mole
Lottomania - could win you a fortune in the lottery   Whack-a-Mole - test your memory and the speed of your reactions
Junior Theremin   Psi-Q Tester
Junior Theremin - a musical instrument you play without touching   Psi-Q Tester - test your psychic ability and measure your 'psi-q' factor
The Enigma Machine   Insectoid
The Enigma Machine - a simulation of the cipher machine used during WWII   Insectoid - an electronic life form that chirrups and twitches its antennae
SpaceFlag   SpyCatcher
SpaceFlag - programmable communication by light   SpyCatcher - burglars beware! a sophisticated alarm system
Pong   Miniscope
Pong - a version of the classic video game   Miniscope - a miniature oscilloscope that connects to your television
Fridge Face   Sonar Explorer
Fridge Face - a kitchen gadget with a personality   Sonar Explorer - a personal sonar for navigating in the dark
Sharpshooter   You've got mice
Sharpshooter - an infra-red target shooting game   You've got mice - a mice simulator for playing practical jokes
Manic Mouse   The Wee Beastie
Manic Mouse - your victim will think their computer mouse is possessed   The Wee Beastie - a robot that bounces around on its spring legs
Mr. Baird's...   E-Lock
Mr. Baird's... - inspired by Logie Baird's original television   E-Lock - a mobile-phone activated combination lock
Funky Guitar   Buglet
Funky Guitar - a synthesiser in the shape of a guitar   Buglet - an electronic insect that communicates using sound and light
Mine Sweeper   Wind Generator
Mine Sweeper - a metal detector that detects objects within a few cms   Wind Generator - rotational energy is converted into electrical energy
Atom Heart   Laughing Baby
Atom Heart - a ring of LEDs that pulse with blue light   Laughing Baby - tickle its nose and it laughs
We Come In Peace!    
We Come In Peace! - a little alien visitor in their spaceship    

Advanced Kits

PICworks1   PICworks2
PICworks1 - control board suitable for small robotics & animatronics projects   PICworks2 - a versatile dc/servo/stepper motor control board
Frequency Meter   Rocket Launcher
Frequency Meter - a useful addition to your toolbox   Rocket Launcher - reliable launches for amateur rocket enthusiasts
PICLAB - a low-cost combined PIC programmer/tester board   MADBOT - a programmable robot with infra-red obstacle detection
R.O.V.   Bleep-o-tron
R.O.V. - a remotely-operated submersible vehicle   Bleep-o-tron - a programmable digital synthesiser with MIDI
Funky Drummer   Noise-X
Funky Drummer - a programmable drum machine with 40 drum sounds   Noise-X - a synthesiser for making sci-fi sound effects
It's a Puzzle   Perplexity
It's a Puzzle - a collection of reaction and memory games and puzzles   Perplexity - a puzzle game of lights and switches
Windy Joules   JellyBean
Windy Joules - alternative energy kit that logs light levels and wind speeds   JellyBean - a low-cost USB-based prototyping board for projects
CLOK - a novel clock that uses coloured electromechanical flip-dots    

Batteries and cells

PP3 battery   AA cell   AAA cell   CR2032 coin cell   CR2016 coin cell
PP3 battery   AA cell   AAA cell   CR2032 coin cell   CR2016 coin cell


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