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Construction sheets for the MadLab kits in pdf format:

  1-2-3 (361KB, 1/7/17)
  Amoeboid (6KB)
  Atom Heart (298KB, 30/5/17)
  Bagpipes (325KB, 4/7/17)
  Billy Bones (763KB, 11/9/19)
  Bleep-o-tron (74KB)
  Bleep-o-tron (Redux) (491KB, 10/2/22)
  Buglet (20KB)
  Catch Me If You Can (18KB)
  CLOK (72KB, 16/4/13)
  CyberEye (220KB, 20/7/14)
  Dawn Chorus (295KB, 5/7/17)
  Decisions Decisions (298KB, 3/6/17)
  Discola (16KB, 21/3/13)
  E-Lock (356KB, 25/6/17)
  Flashing Lights (259KB, 17/6/17)
  Frequency Meter (406KB, 14/7/17)
  Fridge Face (326KB, 17/6/17)
  Funky Drummer (379KB, 2/7/17)
  Funky Guitar (342KB, 26/6/17)
  Ionic Screwdriver (313KB, 13/5/22)
  Insectoid (27KB)
  It's a Puzzle (32KB, 19/5/10)
  Junior Theremin (325KB, 16/10/18)
  Laughing Baby (331KB, 24/9/15)
  Lie Detector (314KB, 3/6/17)
  Lottomania (11KB)
  Madlabracadabra (7KB)
  Mad Music Machine (9KB)
  Manic Mouse (9KB)
  Micro Marquee (281KB, 29/5/17)
  Mine Sweeper (18KB, 18/5/10)
  Miniscope (14KB, 4/11/12)
  Mr. Baird's... (16KB, 9/6/14)
  Mr. Dog (Inu-chan) (387KB, 17/6/18)
  Mr. Pumpkin (497KB, 22/4/23)
  Mr. Whiskers (444KB, 8/6/19)
  My Little Alien (251KB, 5/7/17)
  Myrtle the Mermaid (549KB, 25/11/18)
  Noise Toy (497KB, 22/4/19)
  Noise-X (40KB, 20/7/12)
  Perplexity (72KB, 30/9/13)
  PICLAB Programmer (20KB)
  PICworks1 (36KB)
  PICworks2 (51KB)
  PIC Project Board (16KB)
  Pocket Disco (20KB)
  Pong (13KB, 22/9/10)
  Psi-Q Tester (18KB)
  Razzle Dazzler (7KB)
  Reactometer (9KB)
  Robotto-san (Mr. Robot) (409KB, 24/8/18)
  Rocket Launcher (28KB, 2/10/11)
  ROV (395KB)
  Rudolph (444KB, 28/11/17)
  Scuttlebut (302KB, 4/12/19)
  Sharpshooter (19KB)
  Sonar Explorer (16KB, 15/1/14)
  SpaceFlag (351KB, 26/6/17)
  Space Invaders (467KB, 13/7/20)
  Sparkle the Seahorse (378KB, 15/2/21)
  SpyCatcher (21KB)
  Stop Thief! (311KB, 4/6/17)
  Strengthometer (9KB)
  SuperSpy (9KB)
  The Electric Telegraph (325KB, 5/7/16)
  The Enigma Machine (367KB)
  The IR-ritator (314KB, 2/7/17)
  The Phenomenal Levitating Ball (838KB, 5/5/19)
  The Time Machine (20KB)
  The Wee Beastie (15KB, 6/12/10)
  We Come In Peace! (504KB, 17/6/18)
  Whack-a-Mole (331KB, 29/6/17)
  Wind Generator (435KB, 5/5/11)
  Windy Joules (35KB, 5/3/10)
  Wonky Wire (367KB, 26/7/17)
  You've got mice (9KB)


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