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How To Use Catch Me If You Can

Catch Me If You Can is a test of how fast your reactions are. Are you quick enough to get the money ?

Position the board on a flat surface and place a metal coin on top of the four bolts. Catch Me will beep to indicate it's ready. Then after a random period of time the LED will light. At this signal you must lift the coin off the bolts as quickly as you can.

If you remove the coin fast enough then Catch Me will beep repeatedly to indicate you've succeeded. However if you take too long to react and don't remove the coin in time then you lose and Catch Me will sound a long beep.

If you remove the coin too soon before the LED is lit, you also lose and again Catch Me will sound a long beep.

The time you have to react depends on the preset VR1. Rotating the spindle changes the difficulty level from easy to hard.

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