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How To Use Mine Sweeper

Mine Sweeper detects metal objects that come within a few centimetres of the coil on its circuit board.

Mine Sweeper has five modes of operation. To change mode press and hold down the pushbutton (MODE) for about 2 seconds. The modes are then stepped through while the pushbutton is held down. Release the pushbutton to select a particular mode. The mode is indicated by 1 to 5 lights being lit and initially mode 1 is active.

mode 1: running pattern of lights. Normally silent, tone sounds when metal is detected.
mode 2: lights display signal level. Tone which increases in pitch when metal is detected. More sensitive than mode 1.
mode 3: running pattern of lights. Pings which increase in frequency when metal is detected.
mode 4: same as mode 2 but with muted sound.
mode 5: same as mode 1 but with lights off.

To save your battery, Mine Sweeper will go to sleep after about 10 minutes of inactivity (but it is a good idea to remove the battery anyway when you will not be using it for any length of time). Press the pushbutton to re-awaken it.

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