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A novel electromechanical clock that displays the time over a 12-hour period with a resolution of 2 minutes. Coloured dots provide a simple visual indication of the current time.

The current hour is indicated by the first flip-dot that is 'on' (coloured face upwards) moving clockwise with reference to the numbers around the outside of the board. The current minute is indicated by the total number of flip-dots that are on. For example, quarter past the hour is indicated by 6 dots and half past by 12 dots.

Since 6 dots represent 15 minutes the resolution of the clock is 2 minutes per dot.

There are three modes of operation:

  • Mode #1 - the quietest mode. The flip-dots only change at the end of each 2 minute time period.
  • Mode #2 - the four outer flip-dots (which are not used to indicate hours or minutes) produce a pleasing 'tick tock' sound like a traditional mechanical clock.
  • Mode #3 - the same as mode #2 with the addition of a short animation on the hour change.

CLOK can be calibrated for greater accuracy in increments of approximately 1 second per day.

Available in red and yellow dots. Requires 6-9V 1A regulated dc power supply (not supplied).

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