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How To Use Psi-Q Tester

Psi-Q Tester tests your psychic ability to predict an event before it is revealed, and measures your psychic quotient or 'psi-q'. It can also test your ability to read another person's mind.

To begin testing press either pushbutton. Psi-Q Tester will display a flashing question mark inviting you to guess whether it has selected a solid shape or a hollow shape. Press the left button if you think it has selected a solid shape, or the right button if you think it has selected a hollow shape. If you choose correctly Psi-Q Tester will display a tick, and if you are wrong it will display a cross.

Psi-Q Tester keeps count of the number of guesses you have made and displays a count-down from 30. When you have guessed 30 times it calculates and displays your psi-q factor. (Psi-Q Tester needs to have the results from 30 guesses in order to produce a statistically meaningful result.) F1 indicates a psi-q factor of 1, F2 a psi-q factor of 2, and so on. The higher the number the greater your psychic ability.

The psi-q factor displayed is the number of 'standard deviations' in an expected 'normal distribution'. The following table gives the spread of psi-q factors among people guessing at random.

 within 1 standard deviation  67%
 within 2 standard deviations  95%
 within 3 standard deviations  99.8%
 within 4 standard deviations  99.99%

In other words, 2/3 of people with no psychic ability will have F1, 95% of people with no psychic ability will have F1 or F2, and only 1 in 500 people (0.2%) will have greater than F3. F5 will occur 1 in 10 000 times choosing at random.

To save your battery, Psi-Q Tester will go to sleep if it is left unused (but it is a good idea to disconnect the battery anyway when you will not be using it for any length of time). Just press either button to re-awaken it.

Connecting two together

Use a cable with two 3.5mm jack plugs (mono or stereo) to connect two Psi-Q Testers together. One Psi-Q Tester operates as the 'master' and the other as the 'slave'. The master is used as normal, while the buttons on the slave are not pressed at all.

The slave user should try to mentally project the image they see - either a solid shape or a hollow shape. The master user should try to pick up the mental transmission and press the appropriate button. In this mode Psi-Q Tester is measuring more the ability to read another person's mind rather than the ability to predict the future. Obviously ensure that the master user cannot directly see the image on the slave.

You can swap between master and slave operation at any time by pressing either button on the slave.

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