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PICLAB Programmer - a low-cost combined PIC programmer/tester board

  • combines the functions of PIC programmer and PIC tester
  • programs the 18-pin flash PICs (16F83, 16F84, 16F84A, 16F627, 16F628)
  • 8 LEDs, 4 pushbuttons, dual 7-segment display, light & sound sensors, speaker, ZIF socket
  • models PIC with 4 digital inputs & 8 digital outputs as well as PIC Stamp
  • download flowcharts from Crocodile Technology from Crocodile Clips and run on board
  • program in BASIC with integral text editor and compiler
  • download hex files generated using Microchip development tools
  • use with PIC Project Board
  • connects to PC serial port
  • includes RS232 cable & mains power supply
  • Windows XP-compatible
  • free technical support via email
  • supplied in kit form

Out of stock

Download the PICLAB software (version 2.1) as a self-installing compressed file (1426KB).

Readme text file | Manual in pdf format (643KB) | Schematic | Order Form

Version 1.0 archive | Version 2.0 archive
Microchip - the home of PICs
Download MPLAB development tools from Microchip.

PICLAB software is copyright MadLab Ltd. 2000-2006 and is made
available on this website on the strict understanding that it
is used for educational, non-commercial purposes only.


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